Last month, after listening for over a year and then finally calling in and talking with the hosts of the show, I became a host myself. Wow, talk about a crash course in the new technical aspects of broadcasting, or as they say now, pod casting. The show is internet based..it’s control board is on a webpage. There are no knobs to turn, no turntable. There is no even a mic boom. you can use your phone. My, things have really changed my old days in radio back in the1980’s and early 1990’s.  I wanted my shows to follow a certain format. The first 20 mins, a regional rundown of news items. The remainder of the first hour would be talking to one or two guests about certain train museum or station. The second hour would be 2/3rds more guests talking about railfan projects. And then the last 1/3 talk about model railroads. Sounds like a plan, however, last Saturday, I had to punt for the second hour because my guests did not call in as we had previously arranged, instead the guest did something else and forgot to tell me that he could not be on show. Well I stumbled a bit, found my train of thought and started filling the remaining hour. I had never had a guest just not show up in all of the days of being coordinating producer for several weekly shows during my earlier broadcasting days. I have also already had the folks at Norfolk and Southern decline to be on show. They passed because it would have too hard for them to find someone on a Saturday for two hours. I can see their point,but with companies giving flex-time to their employees now, I wonder. I even did the show last week with a cold/pneumonia ending. Because I believe I have a commitment.   Last week, I was off work twice, once of being to sick to talk and another to be at good friends funeral. Today, home again, due the bug in the voice. Taking care it to take better care of my customers. That’s it for this week..till next time…Keep wandering around looking at everything.

Cars and trucks VS trains

Once again, I watched my email pile up wit reports of Amtrak trains crashing into a car or a truck. One might think that people would remember the very horrific crash in Nevada. I wonder if people even give that crash a second thought. I would hope so for the families that lost loved ones that day. No matter what the Operation Lifesaver Program does it does not seem enough. Wait. breaking news…a man just commuted suicide by train and all found was a hand. Man, that is not how I want to go. I remember few years ago I left St. Louis to go to Chicago and then turn some papers over to a another person that worked for the company. I got to Chicago, walked into Union Station and then walked back into the departure area and got back on the Southbound train for St. Louis. You can’t do that now because of the schedules. I remember almost falling asleep, bobbing my head. Then I hear it. I heard the train go into emergency. Looked up and out the window, and saw that head flying passed. I turned on the scanner, an started to listen. We were just two miles from Carlinville, Illinois. the local sheriff came and did his investigation. I peeked out the vestibule window and saw he other northbound waiting just a few hundred feet away. This man had stopped two trains in one wrong move. Wow, I was right when I said to myself that I would remember that image of that head for a long time.

Do people give any thought what they do moment by moment? I wonder if there were no I-pods, if trespassers would still miss hearing that approaching train. Do those quiet zones that cities set up, give an added sense of false protection? Do railfans ever feel because of the increase in deaths will authorities clamp down on them.


Just my wanderings for this week. Oh, by the way…a new train hobby shop museum opened in Washington, Mo my hometown. In a town where they are removing the train siding near the station and building a parking lot.  Humm

Let’s Talk Trains Really

This past January, I started hosting a blogtalk online internet radio show once a month. The first show was live from the National Museum of transprtation. I went fairly well. Only disconnected twice from the server. This month doing a show from the Kirkwood Train station, with all all people the mayor Kirkwood. I am starting off with things that I know are stories and places that I know a great deal about so that I can ask great questions. I had started working on the shows for March and April. I am falling back on the producing days from KMOS and KMOX. I traveled to LaPlata last week, which is the home of the gruop that sponsors the show. I wanted to get that feeling of being a train watcher again. I have been interested in the station types more recently, so I forgot how exciting it to watch a train go by. I have gotten my fellow employees listening to the show. Don’t know if I’ll will make railfans out of them yet, but, who knows? I plan to go to Jackson, Mo; Rochelle, Il; and even Steamtown NHS, Pa. Also trying to remind Enterprise that they are a partner in AMTRAK Giest Rewards. they seem to have forgotten how to promote it. Well, That’s it for this Week? All Aboard ..HighBall