Let’s Talk Trains Really

This past January, I started hosting a blogtalk online internet radio show once a month. The first show was live from the National Museum of transprtation. I went fairly well. Only disconnected twice from the server. This month doing a show from the Kirkwood Train station, with all all people the mayor Kirkwood. I am starting off with things that I know are stories and places that I know a great deal about so that I can ask great questions. I had started working on the shows for March and April. I am falling back on the producing days from KMOS and KMOX. I traveled to LaPlata last week, which is the home of the gruop that sponsors the show. I wanted to get that feeling of being a train watcher again. I have been interested in the station types more recently, so I forgot how exciting it to watch a train go by. I have gotten my fellow employees listening to the show. Don’t know if I’ll will make railfans out of them yet, but, who knows? I plan to go to Jackson, Mo; Rochelle, Il; and even Steamtown NHS, Pa. Also trying to remind Enterprise that they are a partner in AMTRAK Giest Rewards. they seem to have forgotten how to promote it. Well, That’s it for this Week? All Aboard ..HighBall

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