Fourth of July-A Starting Point

July made it’s annual appearance,. I love July, mostly because it’s my birthday month. I also love July because we celebrate the United States of America’s Independence from tyrants  of  England. Our fore-fathers, saw that we as  citizens deserved the rights as humans to be free, while at the same time protecting each other. After all, remember the mantra, help those  as you would expect help yourself. Railroads especially passenger lines, allow each American, and our invited guests to travel almost freely around this country. I admire that most of our Constitution. With the days of the US Terrorist attacks, past us but not forgotten, I pause to take a moment to remember what those brave human beings did, and what every human is suppose to out this earth. Not climb over someone else’ s back to rise above. Instead, By helping each other, that way we can all climb together.   We are here for each other. Stop and look around. When you travel by plane, your fellow passengers, barely talk to you, but, other the passenger trains, “Trainese” is practiced quite often.  Just Say’in…Thanks America…Let’s get going…We have a better job to do of it.

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