Living between Fallen Flags

Since moving to Washington, Missouri in 2006 when I got married to Mrs. Shuttletrain, I have realized that I live in a great spot. I live thirty minutes or less from four fallen flag railroads. To the south, there is the Rock Island, former Union Pacific/Southern Pacific now called the Midland Central, but it only comes as far as Union, Missouri and then probably only once a month. In town, we have the former Missouri Pacific now known as the Union Pacific. Across the river there is another Union Pacific takeover, The Missouri, Kansas and Texas aka, Katy. Then about thirty minutes north is the old Wabash, now known as the Norfolk and Southern.

As I write this, I have just come back from a presentation by the Warren County Missouri Historical Society, featuring the Katy Historical Society. The event was held at the Marthasville, Missouri City park pavilion.   There were over 100 people attending. The neat thing was that only a handful were railroaders and railfans. The speakers shared stories about the Katy operations in the area. The town of Marthasville has one of few stations built Continental Construction Company for the railroad. The city leaders, chamber of commerce, and plain volunteers disassembled the old station piece by piece and moved next to the Missouri Parks Katy trail. They did a fantastic job, The chamber and mayor wants fill the place with memories of the Katy. It is small town at its finest hour. One of the volunteers has a day by day album of the dis-assembly and  the station’s rebirth. The station has stayed its original color all these years. Want for information..listen to the Let’s Talk Trains show for September 15th from noon to two CDT or on I-Tunes.

That’s it for this month. watch next month, Will be in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. Don’t forget my website either:

Enjoy your wanderings, see you down the line.

Renovated Marthasville Katy Station