Historical Weekend #1

This weekend brought a unique sight to North St. Louis County and St.. Charles County, Missouri. The Norfolk and Southern leased the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society’s Nickel Plate Railroad 765. This locomotive has been travelling the northern half of the United States, running NS employee specials for it’s 150 anniversary. The weekend of September 8th and 9th, hundreds of NS employees and their families got to take part in a little part of history. The 765 made two trips each day from the Berkeley, Missouri yard, which used to service the FORD plant, which is now closed. The train then went across the Missouri River bridge and as far as St. Peters, Missouri. The train was made up of the NKP 765 it’s tender, NKP crew mechanic car, The Mid-America Railcar the power car and eleven passengers cars. The NS heritage locomotives, the Illinois Terminal and Wabash. The reason those two units were brought along was because the trip from Fort Wayne, ID to Berkeley traveled on both of those old lines. The 765 pulled the train out and the new diesels pulled her back. There where was a long line of railfans watching her pass. Some railfans could be classed as foamers, some reliving the past, and some had never seen a steam engine or for that matter, a train ever.

Sunday, instead of watching the train, I set out for Marthasville, Missouri to follow the KATY railroad that has become a Rails To Trails project. As I have posted before, the city has restored and moved the last station of it’s kind, next to the trailhead of the trail. It’s still in it’s green on green color. The trail still uses several of the bridges that were built for the railroad way back in the 1800’s. We then crossed the Missouri into another historic town called Hermann. The town is now known for it’s wineries. The town no longer has a train station. It has a shed that AMTRAK passengers use to board the train.

This weekend just reminded me, that history is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

Thanks for wandering.

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